Bromyard Brownies get involved in Great British Pie Week

Bromyard Brownies get involved in Great British Pie Week

We were lucky enough to have Bromyard Brownies come & visit us mid way through Great British Pie Week !! 


First of all we had a Pie Tasting competition .. Each group of brownies were given a board full slices of pie to try & they had to match the taste they had just had with the sticker that should have gone on top of it ! 




Anthony then took the girls into the fridge to see all the different meats hanging and told them where each one came from - The girls were surprised to find out that some of the meat came from their neighbours ! 



Then came Tyrone, Jack & James' time to shine ! They showed the girls how sausages are made & what goes into our delicious Legges Sausages! We then all tucked into some cooked sausages & the girls enjoyed them so much we thought we should probably send them home with the very sausages they just watched being made !! 




Thank you to Bromyard Brownies for coming along and being such a great bunch of inquisitive girls... getting on board with Great British Pie Week & getting stuck into sausage making !!