The Team

Whether in the shop or buying online you will be dealing with the same staff, so here's an insight into the Legges Team...


At the Block   

Anthony -  The big cheese…..thinks he’s auditioning for the X-Factor.

Charles – Our youngest butcher, he gives as good as he gets with banter across the block. Qualifying as a butcher here at Legges, he has become a key member of the team.

Andrius – One half of our husband and wife combo, Andrius is constantly learning the joys of butchery, but must be on his best behaviour otherwise Danute will put her foot down.






 Behind the Counter

Ingrid – One of the shops longest serving members of staff, what Ingrid doesn't know about the shop isn't worth knowing. Always bringing in new products, she prides herself in ensuring the shop runs like a well-oiled machine.




Alice – Our newest member of staff, has settled well in the team. Always bright, breezy and happy to help.




Chloe – One of our youngest memebers of the team. Always happy to help!






Kate - Returning back to Legges after a few years away. Our customers are very pleased to have Kate's friendly face back behind the counter!




Sue – Our newest member of staff, has settled well in the team. Always bright, breezy and happy to help.


In the Kitchen

Arthur – Anthony's right-hand man, shop manager, butcher, fishmonger, his skills are endless. Always enthusiastic whether in the shop or behind the scenes, Arthur's always looking for new ideas to drive Legges forward. 


Gemma – A long-standing member of staff, Gemma's input into the shop has always been 100%. Hard -working, enthusiastic and bubbly, she is a key member of staff.

Danute – A relatively new addition to the kitchen, Danute's hard-working, happy personality has meant fitting in has been easy




Lisa - 


Never far away!

Evan - Popular with both staff and customers. Nothing ever phases Evan and believe us we've tried!







At the Desk








Jen -  Our longest serving member of staff,
Jen just can't get away. You will rarely see
her in the shop, but venture up to the office
and you will find her.