Get the Lowdown on our Milk

Get the Lowdown on our Milk

Recently we have been inundated with questions about our milk so we thought we would fill you in and give you the lowdown about the milk we sell.


Our milk comes from Mawley Town Farm in Shropshire who have been making milk on their farm for the last 25 years. They have a herd of 320 home bred pedigree Holstein Freisian cows who are all registered to the UK Holstein Society.


One really interesting fact about the milking process of these cows is that they all have access to 5 automatic milking machines for 24 hours a day which gives them the freedom to choose when they are milked!


 One of the main reasons we have chosen Mawley Milk as our milk supplier is because the milk is non – homogenised, we don’t want to sell anything we wouldn’t want to drink ourselves and after much research we have come to the conclusion that when given the option we cannot see why homogenised milk would be the milk of choice.  


Homogenisation breaks down the fat molecules in the cream under very high pressure. In doing this it gives the milk a more uniform appearance as the cream is distributed evenly throughout the milk, the milk is then skimmed and a certain amount of cream is added back to it to for the milk to reach its trading standards requirements. In contrast non-homogenised milk has no high pressure breaking down process and the cream naturally rises to the top leaving you with natural flavoursome milk below.


There are arguments both for and against homogenisation; those in favour of it argue that it is easier to be more precise when it comes to meeting the fat/ cream requirements for the different types of milk, skimmed, semi – skimmed and full fat, however those against homogenisation claim that the homogenisation process in reducing the size of the fat molecules makes the fat far easier to absorb in the body (and none of us need extra fat in this run up to Christmas!!) 


Although neither argument has been fully proven we have decided to stick to our guns and aim for food as close to natural as possible and therefore we are sticking to non-homogonised milk and we hope you will too!


Mawley Milk are a fantastic milk supplier, we have confirmed with them that the milk price they receive is fair and the milk is delicious – Pop in and give it a try !!